Wilhelm Hempfing, Sitting Nude

Wilhelm Hempfing, Sitting Nude Wilhelm Hempfing, Sitting Nude Wilhelm Hempfing, Sitting Nude

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Sitzender akt
Sitting nude 

‘Nazi porn’, in the view of the Americans.
After the war, a considerable number of works of art were confiscated (and/or destroyed) by the Americans because of  ‘their pornographic character.’ However, despite the fact that Americans disapproved of them, the paintings from Liebermann, Ziegler and Hempfing, and certainly the sculptures from Breker, Fehrle and Thorak displayed nothing provocative or pornographic. They were certainly not intended to trigger sexual fantasies or erotic dreams. The faces of the women come across as enigmatic and there is often an aristocratic smile and a deep sense of the tragic. There is no trace of female coquetry or flirtatiousness.

-condition : II            
- size : 83 x 62, unframed 68 x 49
- signed : right, under
- type : oil on board          
- misc. : professional cleaned; frame restored


Left: Wilhelm Hempfing, postcard. 'Sitzende Blondine' (Seated blond'). GDK 1941, room 7. Bought for 1.500 RM by SS-Gruppenführer Julius Schaub.
Right: Wilhelm Hempfing, 'Halbakt einer Blondine' ('Half nude'). GDK 1939, room 4. Bought for 600 RM by SA-Obergruppenführer Wilhelm Brückner.    

Right: Wilhelm Hempfing. 'Jugend' ('Youth'). GDK 1942, room 3. Sold for 3.800 RM.
Left: Wilhelm Hempfing, postcard. 'Kniender Akt auf Rot' ('Kneeling nude on red'). GDK 1942, room 5. Sold for 3.300 RM.  

Left:Wilhelm Hempfing, postcard, 'Der Frühling' ('The Spring'). GDK 1938, room 32. Sold for 2.000 RM to a private individual. 
Right: Wilhelm Hempfing, 'Der Sommer' ('The summer'). GDK 1940, room 40.

Left: Wilhelm Hempfing, ‘Mädchenakt’ (‘Nude Girl’). Displayed at the Grosse Berliner Kunstausstellung 1942, Nationalgalerie.
Right: Wilhelm Hempfing, postcard, ‘Liegender Akt’ (‘Lying Nude’). GDK 1944, room 21.

Left: Wilhelm Hempfing, ‘Badende Mädchen am Meer’ (‘Girls bathing in the Lake’). Displayed at the Grosse Münchener Kunstausttellung in the Glaspalast, 1922. Sold by a German auctionhous in 2007.
Right: Wilhelm Hempfing, ‘Balletteuse’ (‘Ballet dancer’). Displayed at the Münchener Jahresausstellung 1916 im Königlichen Glaspalast.


Wilhelm Hempfing
Wilhelm Hempfing (1886–1948) was a German painter and printmaker. He is best known for his impressionist style landscapes, portraits and his numerous painted nudes. Hempfing was the Meisterschüler (most talented and preferred pupil) of Professor Friedrich Fehr at the Kunstakademie Karlsruhe. He was also an important and excellent etcher trained by Walter Conz at the Karlsruhe Academy. He travelled frequently, painting in England, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Macedonia, Greece and the German coastal areas along the North Sea and Baltic Sea.
His works hang in the Glaspalast of Munich and in exhibitions in Berlin, Hannover, Baden-Baden, Vienna and Zürich. 
Hempfing’s work was very popular among the National Socialist elite (later the Americans called this art “Nazi-porn”). Between 1938 and 1944 twenty-three of his works hung in the Great German Art Exhibitions, most of them nudes and half nudes. Buyers of his paintings include Joseph Goebbels, Wilhelm Brückner (Hitler’s Chief Adjutant), Julius Schaub (later Hitler’s Chief Adjutant) and private individuals. Schaub probably bought “Sitzende Blondine” on behalf of Hitler. Researchers later noted how the woman depicted in this portrait looked like Eva Braun. Sitzende Blondine was distributed on a large scale on Haus der Kunst postcards.