Roman Feldmeyer, Der Meldereiter

Roman Feldmeyer, Der Meldereiter Roman Feldmeyer, Der Meldereiter Roman Feldmeyer, Der Meldereiter

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'Der Meldereiter' ('The Despatch Rider') 

This portrait shows a German despatch rider in Russia. It was painted in Russia in 1942 and stored (but not displayed) in the Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung in 1943. As 25% to 50% of the art could not be displayed on the walls, it was stored in boxes (Kiste M.E., Stoss 204). Der Meldereiter is signed by Roman Feldmeyer and on the front is written 'Russland 1942'.
The following are explanations of the labels on the back of the painting. The large label was filled in by the artist himself. The selling price in Reichsmark was the price asked by the artist. It is unknown when and to whom this painting was finally sold. Probably it was sold to a private person (and therefore was not destroyed in 1945). The smaller, rectangular label was filled in by the Haus der Deutsche Kunst(Einlieferungsnummer und Aufbewahrungsort im Depot).

- condition : II                    
- size : 75 x 65cm, unframed 57 x 45 cm
- signed : right, under. With GDK label on the back
- type : tempera                                              
- misc. : professional cleaned and reframed

Left: Roman Feldmeyer. ‘Die von den Franzosen zerstörte Stadt Gien’ (‘City of Gien, destroyed by the French’). GDK 1941, room 13. Bought by Hitler for 4.000 RM.
Right: Roman Feldmeyer, 'After the Battle of Smolensk', Russia, January 1941. Both paintings are in the possession of the US Army Centre if Military  History, Washington.

Left: Roman Feldmeyer, postcard. 'In the early morning of June 22, 1941' (Hitler invaded The Sovjet Union at June, 22, 1941). GDK 1944, room 13. Also displayed in 1944 at the exhibition ‘Deutsche Künstler und die SS’ in Breslau and Salzburg.
Right: Roman Feldmeyer, 'Panzerbekampfung im Grossen Kessel for Smolensk' ('Anti-Tank Gun in Action'). GDK 1944, room 27. Sold for 8,000 RM. In the possession of the US Army Centre of Military History, Washington.

Left: Right: Roman Feldmeyer, 'Im Laufgraben bei Fromelles' ( 'In the trenches near Frommelles'). GDK 1940, room 13. Bought by Hitler for 4.000 RM.  
Right: Roman Feldmeyer, 'Battle of Smolensk', 1941.

Left: Roman Feldmeyer, ‘Feldweg’ (‘Sandy path’). Displayed at the Grosse Münchener Kunstausttellung in the Glaspalast, 1931.
Right: Roman Feldmeyer, ‘Im Mai’ (‘In May‘). Displayed at the Münchener Kunstausttellung 1939, Maximilianeum.

Roman Feldmeyer
Roman Josef Feldmeyer (1895 – 1950), born in Munich, studied at the Academy of Art in Munich under  the Professors Franz von Stuck, Angelo Jank and Adolf Hengeler. From 1915 to 1918 he served in the 6th Bavarian Reserve Regiment. Landscape and -later- war painter Feldmeyer had, from 1937 to 1944, twenty paintings hanging in the Great German Art Exhibitions. Nine of these paintings, most of which were military images, were bought by Adolf Hitler. Roman Feldmeyers’ paintings were sold at that exhibition for prices up to 8,000 RM. In 1944 Roman Feldmeyer took part in the exhibition ‘Deutsche Künstler und die SS’ in Breslau and Salzburg. After the war most of Hitler’s personal collection was destroyed at the Central Collecting Points in Germany. The remaining pieces are in the cellars of the Deutsche Historisches Museum and in the United States Army Center of Military History. In the archives of the Deutsche Historisches Museum in Berlin there are currently 55 paintings by Roman Feldmeyer. The U.S. Army Centre of Military History in Washington D.C. still owns the following works by Roman Feldmeyer:  ‘View of Fromelles’ (one of the three Fromelles paintings displayed at the GDK’s) , ‘Anti-tank Gun In Action’ (‘Panzerbekampfung im Grossen Kessel for  Smolensk', GDK 1944) and ‘Stretcher Bearers With Casualty’ (1940).
It is nearly impossible to find a painting from Roman Feldmeyer for sale anywhere.